Reseller Program

It is easy to join AZT POS as a reseller partner. All you need to do is to fill out a new reseller application and send proof of your reseller business with seller permit or business license. Once you are registered, you will be given a discounted reseller price list and start making money with powerful POS offerings to your merchants.

Become an AZT Reseller today and enjoy major benefits

  • Maximum value and quality
    • AZT is an experienced global manufacturer with products shipped world-wide. Its cost of R&D and manufacturing is low because of operating efficiency, sound management and proven global success
  • Reseller discounts
    • Once you sign up as an AZT reseller, you are eligible to purchase off reseller pricelist
    • Selective Demo unit program
    • Demo unit discount
    • Refurnished unit discount
    • No monthly minimum purchase requirements
  • Preferred Customer support and strong warranty
    • AZT takes pride in supporting its loyal resellers by phone, email and on-line to make sure they run their business very efficiently
    • Three-year standard depot warranty and other optional services available
  • Monthly reseller promotions
    • AZT runs consistent promotions to provide incentives to help reseller grow their business
  • Bundle deals and software solutions
    • Popular bundles with system, printer and cash drawers makes ordering easy and saves money
    • Discount on software solutions
  • Lead referral program
    • AZT passes end user leads to active dealers in all geographic areas
  • Technical training
    • AZT provides periodic product and market trainings to reseller to boost their business capabilities
  • Joint marketing campaigns
    • AZT participates in tradeshows, email and direct mail campaigns to active resellers to help increase end user awareness
  • Current and future technology solutions
    • Point-of-sale, self-ordering, on-line ordering, digital signage, security, mobility solutions are some of the new technologies that are or will be offered by AZT POS