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AZT's Premiere Windows POS system.

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Features that make it easier to run your business the way you want to.

When it came time to create the POS-6000, we incorporated features such as a sleekly integrated rear customer display, quick card magnetic stripe reader, a vivid 15" touchscreen, and a full array of connectivity neatly hidden away. Not only do we have the features you need most, they are made to be super durable so they can stand the rustle and bustle of daily business.


Splash-resistant, bezel-less, edge to edge glass covered touchscreen.

No more bread crumbs stuck between the screen and bezel. Our new seamless, edge to edge screen is easy to clean, easy to maintain, and easy to use. Its responsive resistive touchscreen is finished in an anti-glare surface which let you enjoy the clear, LCD touch screen. The screen is the centerpiece, and we've created an experience that will be enjoyable in any situation.



Swipe all day, every day.

The POS6000's integrated magnetic stripe reader makes transactions a breeze. Swipes are quick and work every time. The design is tapered at the top for ease of use and convenience. Go ahead and swipe all you want, the POS6000 is built to work as long as you do.


Choose your angle of attack. Position your POS anywhere.

POS6000 is designed to be flexible in any environment from coffee shop to coffee factory. Despite the large and clear 15" touchscreen, its compact base only occupies 8.5 by 9 inches providing plenty of room around the system to place a printer, keyboard, or other accessories. A tilting hinge is sturdy and provides a viewing angle from up above to down below.

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Power and efficiency for any business. Intel® power at any price point.

Intel® CPUs set the standard for world class efficiency and power. Our three CPU options ranging from a super efficient Atom CPU to a blazing fast Core i3 were picked to run Windows smoothly and reliably. Windows and Intel CPUs work together to create a compatible and speedy experience with any software you choose.


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6000 Atom

Intel Atom Processor


64GB SSD or 500GB HDD

Passive Fanless Cooling

6000 Celeron

Intel Dual Core Celeron Processor


64GB SSD or 500GB HDD

Heatsink Fan Cooling

6000 Core i3

Intel Quad Core Core i3 Processor


64GB SSD or 500GB HDD

Heatsink Fan Cooling