Top 10 reasons to buy a POS system

Top 10 reasons you should buy a new POS system

10. Keep track of inventory by departments, vendors and groups
9. Manage profit and control costs
8. Send emails to customers with sales promotions, discounts and special offers
7. Run loyalty programs and sell gift cards
6. Manage business information with back office computer to run multiple stations and locations
5. Automate by connecting front counter, waiter stations, kitchens and bars
4. Manage employee schedule and work hours
3. Reduce losses and thefts
2. Integrate reports and integrates with Quickbooks to save time
1. Speed up transactions to boost productivity and reduce customer wait-time

One more, it give your business a high image in front of your customers and employees!


And top reasons to buy from AZT POS:

*** Style and design

*** Exception service

*** Great value

*** Ready-to-run system complete with software