AZT Launches new Next-day Advanced Exchange Program – NAEX

AZT POS has launched a premium warranty program called NAEX.

This is an optional warranty to complement the standard 3-year depot warranty offered by the manufacturer. The Next-day Advanced Exchange (NAEX) program covers product failure on systems and peripherals. The one-year NAEX warranty is priced from $150~200 and the the three-year NAEX warranty is priced $350~450. Resellers will set actual prices to their customers depending on resellers’ overall support program to their customers. This premium warranty has to be purchased by the end user through AZT dealers at the time of invoice from AZT to the reseller. Certain rules apply such as the failure has to be verified by AZT’s technical support team before approval can be granted for the replacement unit to be shipped out. Once approved, AZT will ship out a replacement system or printer from its national service centers directly to the end user by next-day air. AZT will then ask the end user to return to defective unit to be shipped back to the service center.

The NAEX program was launched due to many requests from AZT resellers who still like the aggressive price points offered by AZT while the extended program gives end users an extra layer of confidence when purchasing equipment from AZT’s resellers.

“Since AZT POS systems are already at $200~500 lower than other POS brands, we feel we can offer this highly desirable advanced exchange program to people that want the faster turn-around on swap units”, said Keddy Chen, General Manager. Chen went to state that the optional program gives resellers still some flexibility to not offer the extra coverage while it does not necessarily push resellers out of competitive price points when competing for end user business.

The AZT NAEX Program is administered by the third-party service company Amcor who is also an authorized service provider for NCR, Casio and other POS brands. Those current and future resellers of AZT POS are invited to contact  AZT for additional program details and restrictions.

About AZT POS –

AZT POS is a global manufacturer with 10 years of proven success in 50 countries. Its recent claim to fame was product deployments at Olympics and World Cup events. AZT is private company with 300 employees world-wide. AZT continues to lead the way in proving  value-added and reliable POS solutions for its own brand as well as OEM/ Private label partners.