AZT POS will be at 2015 National Restaurant Show in Chicago

April 30, 2015, Tustin, CA – AZT POS, a world-renowned manufacturer of point-of-sale systems and solutions, will be exhibiting at the 2015 NRA Show in McCormick Place in Chicago. AZT will showcase its full line of POS solutions for small and medium sized restaurants, bars and other hospitality establishments.

AZT’s product line ranges from robust 15-inch Windows systems down to mobile tablet systems. AZT support Windows, Android and iOS product platforms to offer maximum flexibility for the masses of merchants looking to run their businesses more efficiently while saving big chucks of money with AZT purchases.

Under the Windows product group, there are two primary systems paired with thermal receipt printers, credit card readers, cash drawers and optional barcode readers. The top-line system is the highly integrated POP-950 which boast a 15” true-flat touch screen, built-in printer, customer price display, mag stripe reader and plenty of communication ports like network, USB, serial and video-out. The handsomely designed unit comes in standard black, creamy white and bright orange and housed in an ultra-compact case measuring 12 x 12 x 12 inches. Its high-fashion look is ideal for clubs, bars, salons, boutiques and high-end restaurants.

AZT always offers turn-key systems with hardware, software and service to the merchants so they can rely on one single company for support. AZT’s most popular bundle is the POS-6000 kit which has a 15” true-flat system, POS software, printer and cash drawer for one afford price of $1,999.

AZT will also showcase its line of Android solutions which feature an All-in-one system A1088 system with a durable metal chassis, 10-inch touch screen, built-in printer, card reader and customer display. The A1088 is a compact yet highly integrated unit that is popular in sport venues, bars and clubs or space-constrained retail locations. It measures a tidy 6 x 9 inch footprint with a 10-inch height. The second Android system is the AZT Gold which is a tablet POS system, metal enclosure, WIFI printer, credit card reader, cash drawer and WIFI router.

“AZT POS takes pride in offering customers maximum flexibility and value for every POS solution available”, said Keddy Chen, general manager. “In any economic condition, merchants are always looking for proven POS technologies that can help them grow their retail or hospitality business. When they shop for AZT products, they can be assured of robust products at great price points and backed by friendly and comprehensive technical assistance”, stated Scott Wolfe, senior technical advisor. “We are always to be part of customers’ success”.

AZT also will show its line of printers, cash drawers and bar code scanners as important peripherals to work with POS systems.

To demonstrate functions of the POS systems, Windows and Android POS software applications will be shown. Typically Windows software is purchased as license and installed on the PC systems. Android software is cloud-based application that is sold as a monthly subscription. Each type of software offers its own merit and advantages.

AZT offers excellent after-sale technical support and service to its growing list of resellers and merchants by phone, email and on-line communication. Its newly designed website is filled with great information like the FAQ site as well as important downloadable drivers for all of its products.

About AZT POS -

AZT is a global manufacturer of POS hardware for 11 years with product footprints in 40 countries. AZT’s claim to fame is its product deployments in recent World Cup and Olympic events. AZT POS is headquartered in Tustin, CA at the heart of Orange County. It also has distribution centers in Texas and New Jersey.

AZT POS will exhibit at TRANSACT 2015

February 16, 2015 – Tustin, CA - AZT POS will at booth #1804 at the Transact 2015 in the Moscone Center in San Francisco, held March 31 to April 2.

AZT will be showing its full POS systems for Windows, Android and iOS with complete hardware, software and peripherals. AZT’s mission at this year’s exhibit is to attract partnership opportunities with Payment ISOs, POS resellers and OEMs. AZT’s core business is in point-of-sale hardware like touch systems, printers, scanners, payment readers and cash drawers. However, AZT also offers complete POS solution with software and peripheral bundles as it understands the importance of one-stop shopping for many of the resellers and agents.

AZT will showcase its new compact 10-inch all-in-one systems for both Windows and Android platforms. The POP-P1088 is an Intel-CPU, Windows-based system that integrates a 10-inch tilting touch screen, thermal printer, MSR and customer display all housed in a durable metal chassis while taking up only 6 by 9 inches of counter base. The Android cousin POP-A1088 comes in the same chassis with ARM-based CPU and runs on Android OS 4.2.

“AZT’s core business is to provide POS hardware solutions to its network of OEM’s, resellers and agents. AZT has chosen to offer software as well with its systems because the market demands complete solutions”, said Keddy Chen, Marketing Director. “For customers that source their own Windows, Android and iOS apps, AZT is more than happy to validate the software to insure full compatibility”, Mr. Chen went on to say. AZT also takes pride in providing the highest level of pre-sale consultation and technical support to its resellers and payment agents to help complete their sales process.

AZT Gold tablet system will also be shown with Android quad-core tablet, Windfall stand, 805W WIFI printer, cash drawer and Netgear WIFI router in one single package. AZT recommends resellers to acquire their own Magtek Dynamag due to various encryption needs. The AZT Gold comes with standdard mounting for the Magtek reader.

AZT will also showcase the traditional 15-inch Windows touch system. The latest model is the POS-6000 with true-flat touch that is dirt and dust-proof for retail environment. All Windows systems are bundled with credit card reader, printer and cash drawer.

For iOS solutions, AZT offers a line of desktop printers and mobile printers designed to run with iPads and iPhones. iPad stands are also available as well.


AZT POS is a manufacturer of POS hardware solutions including POS systems, printers, scanners, cash drawers, tablets and other peripherals. AZT factory employs over 300 people and ships product world-wide to 45 countries under various brands. AZT’s cashiering systems have been deployed successfully in past world events like Olympics and World Cups.

AZT POS Introduces Two New Compact All-in-One POS Systems

January 22, 2015, Tustin, CA

Today AZT POS launches two brand-new compact all-in-one POS systems. The POP-A1088 runs on Android and the POP-P1088 runs on Windows. Both systems come standard with tiltable 10” capacitive touch screens, built-in printers with auto-cutters, card readers, customer displays, and a compact stylish design. These new systems are highly integrated while they offer space-saving that any point-of-sale environments need. Measuring only 9 by 7 inches, the P1088 and A0188 systems will fit in any tight spots like bar counters, small restaurants, retail, hair salons or sports venues.

AZT POS intends to sell new units through its reseller channel, software developers and OEM partners. There has been high interest already in the early stages of sample evaluation. In the ever changing world of retail and point-of-sale markets, integrators are constantly seeking new solutions to be more price competitive while provide something new to their customers.

“We feel the 1088 models units are important to AZT POS in 2015 because they fulfill the needs of the retail and hospitality market with built-in 3” printers, MSR and customer display while packaged in a well-made metal chassis”, said Mr. Keddy Chen, Director of Marketing based in Southern California. Chen further stated, “At starting price under $1,000, the new compact systems really fill a void for resellers and system integrators to offer very compelling solutions for their end customers”. There is a growing number of Android POS applications that are currently being tested with the POP-A1088 systems.

USB, serial and networking ports are standard while the Android comes with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage and the Windows system comes with 2GB of RAM and a 32GB SSD drive.

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AZT POS is a manufacturer of POS hardware solutions including POS systems, printers, scanners, cash drawers, tablets and other peripherals. AZT factory employs over 300 people and ships product world-wide to 45 countries under various brands. AZT’s cashiering systems have been deployed successfully in past world events like Olympics and World Cups.

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Top 10 reasons to buy a POS system

Top 10 reasons you should buy a new POS system

10. Keep track of inventory by departments, vendors and groups
9. Manage profit and control costs
8. Send emails to customers with sales promotions, discounts and special offers
7. Run loyalty programs and sell gift cards
6. Manage business information with back office computer to run multiple stations and locations
5. Automate by connecting front counter, waiter stations, kitchens and bars
4. Manage employee schedule and work hours
3. Reduce losses and thefts
2. Integrate reports and integrates with Quickbooks to save time
1. Speed up transactions to boost productivity and reduce customer wait-time

One more, it give your business a high image in front of your customers and employees!


And top reasons to buy from AZT POS:

*** Style and design

*** Exception service

*** Great value

*** Ready-to-run system complete with software


Tysso- participated as an exhibitor at the Computex Taipei 2014

Tysso- participated as an exhibitor at the Computex Taipei 2014 event during 03-07, Jun, 2014. at the Nangang exhibition hall (Taipei Wold Trade Center)

COMPUTEX TAIPEI is now Asia's largest and the world's second largest ICT show. Its core components are the all-stars like AMD, Asus, Broadcom, Ford,  Intel,  Microsoft,  NVIDIA, SanDisk, and many more. COMPUTEX TAIPEI serves as a sourcing hub for world tech and continues to be the world's leading platform for ICT procurement, new product launch and technology application announcements.

At the event this year, we proudly introduced our latest Fan less all-in-one POS system, POP-650 & POS-6000. Our products' fascinating stylish design and modular mechanism engaged many visitors attraction during the show. The event proved very successful for Fametech (Tysso) in terms of giving ourselves a concentrated exposure in front of a targeted set of experts in the global POS industry.  All attendees were very impressed by the new products demo organized by the our team.

Fametech plans to return to the event next year as well.

We would like to thank everyone that stopped by our booth , where we truly enjoyed the conversations held, and  we hope you enjoyed fruitful meetings with our team too.

We would like to express our gratitude with all harts and expecting to see you again in the coming COMPUTEX Taipei 2015. 

Azt Corp Receives 2014 Best of Irvine Award

Irvine Award Program Honors the Achievement

IRVINE April 24, 2014 -- Azt Corp has been selected for the 2014 Best of Irvine Award in the Computer Programming Services category by the Irvine Award Program.

Each year, the Irvine Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Irvine area a great place to live, work and play.

Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2014 Irvine Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the Irvine Award Program and data provided by third parties.

About Irvine Award Program

The Irvine Award Program is an annual awards program honoring the achievements and accomplishments of local businesses throughout the Irvine area. Recognition is given to those companies that have shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value.

The Irvine Award Program was established to recognize the best of local businesses in our community. Our organization works exclusively with local business owners, trade groups, professional associations and other business advertising and marketing groups. Our mission is to recognize the small business community's contributions to the U.S. economy.

SOURCE: Irvine Award Program


AZT shows Tysso POS Systems at 2014 Nightclub & Bar Show Las Vegas

AZT POS, a manufacturer of Point-of-sale systems, will be exhibiting entire line of Tysso POS touch terminals for bars, restaurants and retail. The Tysso Series of POS systems are known for their attractive designs with curvy lines, bright color, piano finish, aluminum base, industrial-grade components. AZT will be showing both restaurant and retail software solutions to demonstrate how businesses can benefit from running on powerful POS software.

Any image conscious retail environment deserves to put a Tysso system on the counter. The AZT Tysso Systems are also highly integrated with small footprint to save precious space in retail ans hospitality space. A typical system has built-in flat touch screen, credit card reader, customer display and receipt printer.

Businesses like ice cream, yogurt shops, fashion shops and beauty salons will benefit tremendously by having these beautifully designed systems to enhance their store-front appeal. Additional benefits of having point-of-sale systems include increased productivity, customer management, inventory management, marketing and promotions and accounting software integration. 

Taiwan Excellence Award 2014

TYSSO is proud to announce that it wins the Taiwan Excellence Award 2014 with its latest fully integrated all-in-one POS system - POP-950 (Zircon), for its stylish, sleek design and flexible combination of not only POS terminal but also receipt printer and customer display.  This is the first recognition from Taiwan Excellence Award in 2014 and milestone to TYSSO in the "innovative" of the Point of Sales/Service Industry.  Fametech will exhibit this model and debut other new POS products at shows and expos during the year of 2014.

The concept of POP-950 was to create a working environment where user operates in harmony with flexibility and space.  The model consists of Energy-Saving processor, together with detachable high-speed 250mm/sec thermal receipt printer and customer pole display with options as dual-line vacuum fluorescent display or LCD(8"-10.4") display with/without touch-feature.  POP-950 is equipped with a 15" true flat touch-screen LCD monitor to provide user better viewing experience and most importantly optimal spill-proof performance.  Not to mention that i-button and magnetic stripe card reader (MSR) are embedded seamlessly into the housing for user's selection.

AZT mobile printers get exposure from US bloggers

The market of mobile printers globally is forecasted to reach USD 782 Million in 2018 which is being driven by factors such as convenience of handling; check counterfeiting, quality assured task and mobility. These printers help in increasing the productivity, reduce the operating cost, increase the revenue, cash flow and ultimately help in retaining customers. According to United States Mobile Printer Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2018 the market is expected to witness compounded annual growth rate of around 11% during 2013-2018. The leading players in the United States mobile printer market are Epson, Zebra Technologies, Intermac, Printek, and HP.

AZT ships TRU-FLAT All-In-One System

Tustin, CA, July 12 – Today AZT POS announces a new TRU-FLAT All-in-one touch system called POP-950 packaged in piano-finish case with color options in black, white, orange and black/white combo. The new model is designed to provide appeal to any retail counter as it has slick styling with piano-finish surface with small compact chassis. the POP-950 is sexy on the outside but packs plenty of power on the inside with Intel CPU, Windows 7 POS-ready operating system, 2G RAM, 320G HD, LAN and plenty of USB, serial and parallel ports. It is highly integrated with built-in receipt printer, magnetic stripe reader and retractable customer pole display.

“The POP-950 touch system instant glamor and high image to any retail store, restaurant, yogurt shop or boutique shop”, said Mr. Keddy Chen, Chief Marketing Officer at AZT POS located in Southern California. “As a reputable POS hardware provider, we have been aggressive to launch 6~8 new POS systems to the market in the last six months, all designed to provide easy-to-sell and price-aggressive products to the reseller channel and its end customers”, Chen added.

The POP-950′s True-flat screen provide an easy-to-clean surface that is splash-proof. Meanwhile, the aluminum base and industrial-grade motherboard design provide the highest degree of reliability for the demanding POS environment.

Brent Buttars, a POS reseller in Idaho stated to AZT, “the way the POS system look is as important as how it works inside, if not more important”. In fact there has been strong interest from resellers on the east coast that claim the POP-950 will look great in small yogurt shops since the system comes in mutliple shiny color options that adds to fun and glitz of fashionable retailers.

The AZT POP-950 bundled with a cash drawer is priced at $1,799 MSRP and is available to merchants through AZT POS reseller channel.

New POP-950 appears on Retail Reseller News

AZT POS (Tustin, CA) has unveiled its new All-in-One POS terminal, designated POP-950, and packaged in piano finishes of black, white, orange, or black/white combination. With compact footprint of 14.6 in. (W) x 12.6 in. (D) x 11.8 in. (H), and weight of 18.75 lbs., POP-950 features “Tru-Flat” bezel-free design and five-wire resistive touchscreen. Additional benefits include built-in receipt printer (250 mm/second), magnetic-stripe reader (MSR), and retractable customer pole display.

A variety of Intel CPU’s (Atom, Celeron, Core Duo, Core 2 Duo) are offered, as well as Windows 7 POS Ready OS, 2 GB RAM, 320 GB HD, LAN, and plenty of USB, Serial, and Parallel ports. An aluminum base and industrial grade motherboard provide the highest degree of reliability for demanding environments, according to the vendor. Wi-Fi may be added via an optional Mini PCIe module, along with secondary LCD displays in common sizes.

“The POP-950 touch system gives instant glamour and high image to any retail store, restaurant, yogurt shop, or boutique,” suggested Keddy Chen, Chief Marketing Officer at AZT POS. “We have been aggressive in launching new POS systems to the market over the last six months, all designed to provide easy-to-sell and price-aggressive products to the reseller channel and its end-user customers.” Bundled with cash drawer, the AZT POP-950 carries an MSRP of $1,699, Chen said.

High Style at AZT

AZT POS (Tustin, CA) has presented its new Tysso Series of POS terminals, which emphasize "high image" for retailers and restaurateurs. Designed with rounded contours, aluminum base, and choice of colors (black, white, and red), Tysso POS-3000 carries Intel Atom CPU at 1.8 GHz, 2 GB RAM, 320 GB HD, 15-inch resistive touchscreen, magnetic-stripe reader (MSR), and the full complement of ports. Other options include customer display, second LCD screen, SSD, and faster Intel Core 2 Duo CPU. Tysso POS-3000 supports Windows 7 POS Ready.

Keddy Chen, Chief Marketing Officer of AZT POS, believes the Tysso Series fills the market niche for clubs, bars, cafes, salons, and small boutiques. "There is already one reseller in New Jersey who said to us the red and white model will look great in yogurt shops he is installing," Chen informed RRN.Com. He also indicated that AZT POS plans to price the units "very aggressively." Tysso comes with three-year warranty and will be bundled with color-matching receipt printers and cash drawers.

AZT POS also premiered its bundled solution with ISV Registroid (Mobile, AL), comprised of its AZT Gold Android Tablet (with ten-inch capacitive screen), design stand, Wi-Fi-enabled receipt printer, cash drawer, and MSR. Priced at $899 MSRP, this system has been certified with Registroid's cloud-based software subscription service (which starts at $45 per month), and represents AZT's first entry into the Android POS market. Both hardware and software offer additional, supplemental revenue opportunities for resellers, Chen pointed out.

AZT Launches new Next-day Advanced Exchange Program – NAEX

AZT POS has launched a premium warranty program called NAEX.

This is an optional warranty to complement the standard 3-year depot warranty offered by the manufacturer. The Next-day Advanced Exchange (NAEX) program covers product failure on systems and peripherals. The one-year NAEX warranty is priced from $150~200 and the the three-year NAEX warranty is priced $350~450. Resellers will set actual prices to their customers depending on resellers’ overall support program to their customers. This premium warranty has to be purchased by the end user through AZT dealers at the time of invoice from AZT to the reseller. Certain rules apply such as the failure has to be verified by AZT’s technical support team before approval can be granted for the replacement unit to be shipped out. Once approved, AZT will ship out a replacement system or printer from its national service centers directly to the end user by next-day air. AZT will then ask the end user to return to defective unit to be shipped back to the service center.

The NAEX program was launched due to many requests from AZT resellers who still like the aggressive price points offered by AZT while the extended program gives end users an extra layer of confidence when purchasing equipment from AZT’s resellers.

“Since AZT POS systems are already at $200~500 lower than other POS brands, we feel we can offer this highly desirable advanced exchange program to people that want the faster turn-around on swap units”, said Keddy Chen, General Manager. Chen went to state that the optional program gives resellers still some flexibility to not offer the extra coverage while it does not necessarily push resellers out of competitive price points when competing for end user business.

The AZT NAEX Program is administered by the third-party service company Amcor who is also an authorized service provider for NCR, Casio and other POS brands. Those current and future resellers of AZT POS are invited to contact  AZT for additional program details and restrictions.

About AZT POS –

AZT POS is a global manufacturer with 10 years of proven success in 50 countries. Its recent claim to fame was product deployments at Olympics and World Cup events. AZT is private company with 300 employees world-wide. AZT continues to lead the way in proving  value-added and reliable POS solutions for its own brand as well as OEM/ Private label partners.